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Sunset boat trip

Enjoy Naples from a different perspective on this romantic boat trip along its coastline. Naples coast is rich in historical testimonies and natural beauties. Relax on board and enjoy a typical neapolitan aperitif with "prosecco" and tasty appetizers.. The boat on its sail pass by renowned landmarks, including the House of Augustus, the Castel dell’Ovo, the Villa Rosebery, one of the 3 official residences of the President of the Italian Republic. With several stops along the way, you get the chance to snap some memorable pictures and to swim along the coast.

Underwater ruins of Baia

Our tour will take you to explore an area of new archaeological discoveries. The trip from Naples to the village of Baia is short but full of surprises, along the way we will stop at the Aragonese Castle, the Amphitheater of Pozzuoli, the Archeological Park of Baia and the ruins of Cumae. Finally, the most exciting part of the tour: a boat trip aboard of a glass bottom boat to have the chance to see our lost Atlantis! 

Sorrento; Wine and Food

Drive from Naples to Sorrento to visit a local lemon grove to have the chance to see the production of the world’s best selling Italian liqueur, Limoncello. Taste different kind of locally made liqueurs and after stroll through the narrow streets of Sorrento full of small stores for a shopping spree. On the way back visit a vineyard on the slopes of the Mount Vesuvius and have a taste of several wines.


Pompeii is one of the most significant archaeological sites in the world. Visiting it will be a unique and exciting experience. Accompanied by an archeological guide stroll through the cobbled streets over two thousand years ago, see the shops, temples, theaters and luxurious villas of the patricians and rich merchants than in the prosperous city it made their fortune leaving incredible testimonies of civilization, architecture and art. Guests can visit the Stabian Baths, the Forum, the area of theaters, the House of the Faun, the House of the Tragic Poet and the brothel. The standard walk in the archaeological excavations takes about 2 hours.

Pompei & Amalfi Coast

The tour of Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast is the best-selling tour since ever and the most exciting one! After the visit of 2 hours inside the ruins of Pompeii, one of the most significant archaeological and best preserved sites in the world, the tour continues along the charming Amalfi Coast. A coastline of indescribable beauty which is like living poetry where God’s and mankind’s work met creating an incredible master piece. During this tour you will experience the real taste of Southern Italy , a land of beauty, passion and myths that inspired poets and artists from around the whole world. 

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a unique place in the world, protected by UNESCO as a worldwide heritage of the Humanity, where the wild nature is mixed with the ancient fishing villages built between the rocks of the cliff. The twisty road runs like a balcony suspended between the cobalt blue sea and the slopes of the Lattari mountains, with its 75 km the coast has become the favorite place of resort for tourists.
You reach the picturesque Positano with its houses climbing down the cliff,  the town of Conca dei Marini and the famous Grotta dello Smeraldo. After this stop we continue towards Amalfi, the town that gives its name to the coastline. Finally we cross the mountains and reach the last town Ravello, capital of classical music in Italy.

Caserta Royal Palace

The Bourbon Royal Palace is a residence in Caserta, 30 minutes from Naples, built for the Bourbon kings of Naples. It was the largest palace and one of the largest buildings erected in Europe during the 18th century. Is considered the ” Versailles of Italy “. In 1997, the Palace was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tour continues with a stop by the town of Casertavecchia for lunch at a local restaurant and to stroll along the streets of the medieval village. Today, the village is primarily a tourist destination. Sites worth visiting consist of the church, its bell tower, and the remains of the original castle.

Pompei & Capri

If you have only one day at disposal in Naples this is the best tour to book. It collects the most famous places of the region and enables you to visit them in one day : the ruins of the roman city of Pompeii and Capri most beautiful island of Italy. Once in Pompeii will be able to visit the most significant buildings of Pompeii. It would be as if you had a time machine. After Pompeii drive back to Naples to aboard an hydrofoil that takes only 45 minutes to reach the Island of Capri. Once on the island follow our tour leader to the worldwide famous "Piazzetta" and Enjoy your free time with a coffee break. Stroll along the narrow shopping streets of Capri, full of Italian famous fashion brands and local craftsman shops. Do not miss the belvedere where you can get a 180-degree panoramic of the island of Capri.


Explore the enchanting island of Capri on this full-day tour from Naples. See Roman ruins and designer boutiques as you stroll through the town's narrow streets. With a minibus, head to the small town of Anacapri, the highest part of the island, and appreciate the breathtaking views of the charming landscape below. Continue to the historical city center, the so-called "lounge of the world," and listen as your guide gives you some insight into the history of the island. Pass by the Gardens of Augustus and the charming via Camerelle, via Tregare and the impressive and renowned Faraglioni rocks and take this opportunity to snap some pictures of this amazing landscape.

Vesuvius 4x4

Mount Vesuvius seen from Naples is a glance of unusual beauty. It overlooks the Gulf and represents the city of Naples in every postcard. Vesuvius is an active volcano of explosive type and is still considered the second most dangerous volcano in the world. The tour reach the entrance of the Vesuvius National Park to board of 4×4 vehicles with zero emissions that will take you up above the crater of Mount Vesuvius. Pine forests and lush woods, brooms by the bright yellow flowers and an uncanny volcanic landscape. A most spectacular drive with amazing views of the bay of Naples. Once on the crater there’ll be a volcanologist to guide you along the way.

Pompei & Vesuvius

A unique and exceptional experience visiting in one day the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, which was buried by the ashes of the Volcano and then be able to walk along the crater of the volcano itself. On a day the tour will take you to the discovery of two natural-historical icons of the region. After the drive of 30 minutes from Naples to Pompeii you will start a walk of 2 hours inside the excavation of  Pompeii and immediately after the ascent through the National Park of Vesuvius to the crater of Mount Vesuvius aboard one of our 4×4 vehicles to “zero emissions”.

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